A picture of my desk setup

My name is Ben and I reside in the Dallas/Ft.Worth area. I’ve been designing, developing and maintaining websites for 16+ years.

I primarily work with WordPress, but have recently discovered GatsbyJS, Netifly and the JAMstack so… I’m currently learning about those things and of course, the rest of the tech that comes along with it. ;)

I spend most of my time testing out various methods of using Gatsby trying to find the workflow I prefer. This site is really just an experiment with the Lumen theme and NetlifyCMS. If I haven’t mentioned it, I really don’t know what I’m doing. :P

In addition to web development, my spare time includes a love for music, movies, TV, other tech related stuff, learning new things and baseball. I also try to talk with my girlfriend from time to time. Oh and sleeping on occasion seems to help my sanity.

If you feel a need or desire to contact me, feel free to do so on Twitter or email.